Restore Credit Solutions


We are one of the very few credit repair and restoration companies that operate legally. We have set the industry standard as a reputable organization that is built on a foundation of integrity, character and an exceptional commitment to obtaining the best results possible for each client. We have personally helped many people just like you restore and improve their credit and/or credit scores.


We believe in taking care of an issue at the root of the problem. Our multi-stage process ensures that the maximum amount of inaccurate or unverifiable information is permanently removed. We guarantee our results and know that our services will change your future by improving your credit.


We are a group of people who grew up in a time where educational systems did not properly teach the importance of managing personal credit.  With direct experience in the embarrassment and frustrations of having less than perfect credit, our team is passionate about guiding our clients through the successful path to peace of mind and financial freedom that good credit can bring.